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Through The Leptin, we help families get freedom from weight concerns without sparking an unhealthy weight obsession by focusing on the family’s approach to feeding. We use a proven, systematic plan that consistently delivers results and we teach you ways to protect your child’s self confidence and body image.

Give us 9 weeks, we’ll give you results .


We are redefining the industry standard for children’s weight management.  This is the solution you have been waiting for.

Diets don’t work. You know it. we know it. So we designed something that does.

We only serve families that we know we can get consistent results for.

Communities We Serve!

Families Ready for Change

Your family will work together to create results. We serve families whose grown ups are all in agreement and ready to implement change.

Families Looking for Solutions

This group is perfect for families that are solutions oriented. If you are driven and solutions oriented, this program is for you.

Families Able to Engage

You will need to dedicate about 2-3 hours per week to this program, learning, implementing and supporting others

Need help getting your family healthy?