Finding a permanent solution is our ultimate goal!

At The Leptin, we match you with like-minded participants and an expert who will be engaged with you every single step of your journey.  

Together we identify your barriers to better health and constructively find ways to break down those barriers. We avoid fad diets offering temporary results and get straight to the point, setting your family up for long term health improvements.   

Your doctor may tell you that they are concerned about your child’s weight or BMI because of the health consequences associated with excess weight.  We want to know what is important to your family. What motivates you to welcome change? Do you want to see your child have more confidence? More sports agility?  More clothing choices? Are you struggling with behavior or attention concerns related to diet? Is your child being teased or looked over because of his/her weight?

Your goal becomes our goal.

If it’s a getting a lab test to normalize or the confidence of knowing you are setting your child up for a healthy, longer life- if it is what motivates you, it is what motivates us.  We will target our approach to reach your goal.     


Numbers speak for themselves


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Personalized Plan

People come first! We are a small company and will give you individual attention. Our focus is 100% on client needs and satisfaction.

Change is hard.  It is human nature to resist change and to avoid the unknown. Sometimes fear leads this resistance, sometimes it is practical, like time, or having a child not want to participate  So often, in my clinic, families will come in and say, “I know what I need to do, I just don’t know how to do it”. We will show you how. We are the best at what we do, and we believe in you.



The Leptin communities are a source of ideas, encouragement, accountability and healthy norms.  

Joining the Leptin community you will see peers gaining confidence, improving fitness levels, growing into their weight, getting rid of medications and health problems and seeing their goals become reality

We are the creators you can trust for a life long solution for your family. Which is why when you join, you get life long access to materials, community, and updates.

Need help getting your family healthy?