Tackling the reasons we eat is a major goal at The Leptin. When we choose to eat for hunger, we live life fuller, and increase our presence, freeing our mind from constant chatter about food and weight

Emotional eating is not just a tub of ice cream after a break up, it is everyday joys, celebrations, and stresses that cause us to eat.


You know it. You’ve tried it.  Diets don’t work. Over 80% of teenagers report that their family is regularly dieting (REF). This program is designed for people to be free of the ups and downs of diets.

You can set a great example for our next generation by being a family that is free of dieting.


Joining the Leptin community, you will see peers gaining confidence, improving fitness levels, growing into their weight, getting rid of health problems and seeing their goals become reality.

By working repeatedly with the same people, you have shared experiences to draw on and develop new habits together.


In school, you had a soccer coach, a tennis coach and a math coach. Sometimes in life we need a seasoned veteran to guide us in the skills we are trying to master.

Experienced coaches are the key to navigating towards a healthier way of eating and a healthier way of life.  

Need help getting your family healthy?